One of the best movie lines of all time comes out of the Academy Award winning performance Al Pacino gave as Lt Col Frank Slade in “Scent of a Woman”.

In defending Chris O’Donnell’s character before a student tribunal, Pacino hurls a spate of charges agains the school that brought forth the charges against his young friend…reaching a crescendo with the phrase, “…now I’m just getting warmed up!”

Great stuff…but then again, with every passing town hall meeting the Governor hosts, one wonders if he’s not channeling his own “Frank Slade” in dialing up the casual off the cuff remarks.

Like the one that he let loose on the former Nave SEAL that tried to interrupt him over the plan to merge Rutgers and Rowan Universities. He is a law student at Rutgers-Camden who opposes the merger. (The audio quality is not the greatest.)

Today, the governor said: "He acted like an idiot. He's an idiot. I don't have any regret about it at all."

Christie says he honors the Mount Laurel man's military service, but that "doesn't give him the right to be a jerk." (Or “idiot” if you prefer.)

I still love the guy, but I have to ask this question.

Seeing how testy he became at the SEAL’s impatience with him…do you think this swagger plays out well on the national stage?

Having lived down south, where the folks have a tendency to place decorum over substance….methinks that would be a bit too much “Jersey” attitude for them.

Using phrases like sweetheart, numbnuts, now and idiot may play well for us…but on the national, and possibly even world stage, might be a bit too much.

You may be feeling that he’s just getting “warmed up”….or in the words of Kriss Kross…needs to “warm it up Kriss.”

So with that in mind....please take our little Posse Poll.