This past Thursday night, New Jersey 101.5 moved into our new on air studio.  The room itself is the same (with brand new carpeting), but the equipment we use to bring you our broadcasts has been updated to 2012 digital standards!

We have a new control board, mic stands, computer monitors, playback systems, phones and even new chairs!

You've probably heard our on air hosts mention all the studio changes over the past few weeks.  First our engineers Frank Certo and Jay Pierce had to construct a new "stand-by" on air studio for our hosts and news staff to broadcast out of while the main studio was rebuilt.  We are all creatures of habit so it took some time to get used to the "stand-by" studio set up.  Once everyone got used to the "stand-by" room it was time to move back into the new main studio.

We moved in at 5:30pm this past Thursday, only an hour and a half prior to August's addition of "Ask The Governor".  Deminski and Doyle were doing their show and moved from the "stand-by" studio into the new main studio in a matter of minutes.  We had some bugs in the system to work out, and when it was time for "Ask The Governor" to begin--we were ready!

Governor Christie cut the ribbon to our new studio--and then he and host Eric Scott were ready to go!  Eric and the Governor had a great program and took many phone calls--and the new studio performed well!  At the end of the show, the Governor "ran the board" and helped  produce the 8pm newscast!

Take a look at some photos from the night below.