Governor Christie is criticizing members of the Legislature who have been taking pot-shots at him about his proposal to give all Jersey workers a 10 percent income tax cut.

During his latest town hall meeting in Bridgewater, Christie said one of the big complaints by democrats is that cutting everybody's taxes 10 percent isn't fair, because rich people will get more back than lower wage earners, "but that's because they're paying more in taxes to begin with - so I don't understand how cutting everybody's the same percentage isn't fair to everybody…..the plan is simple, if you have a job, your taxes are going to go down."

He says the reaction from some democratic lawmakers - who have voiced concerns about fiscal responsibility - makes him laugh, because "these are the folks who were in charge for 8 years who left me with 13 billion dollars in deficits - these are the folks who raised your taxes and fees 115 times in 8 years - these are the folks who led us to have the highest tax state in the nation - the worst business climate in America...seventy billion dollars of wealth left the state of New Jersey between 2004 and 2008 - on their watch - to avoid our incredible taxes -they've borrowed more money than anybody in history, and they're preaching to me about fiscal responsibility?"

He told the over-flow crowd "understand what this is everybody- I want to call it for what it is right now before this goes any further down the road - they have your money in their hands and they believe that they can spend it better than you can - they believe that they're entitled to it and you aren't -but here's my plan - my plan is to get that money back for you even I have to pry it out of their cold dead hand- we're going to get that money back."

Christie also said " imagine living in a New Jersey - where every year for the next 3 years you know your taxes are going down... it's not always nice to say no, but I will say no when I have to, and I will fight the fights that are worth fighting to make our state a better place - and so when they try to scare you over the next 5 months about my tax cut - when they try to tell you that the roof is going to fall in - remember last summer - remember when they tried to scare you 7 months ago - and here we are 7 months later better than we were...our policies are working - leadership works - telling people the truth works."