I vote “yes!” He’s being a “capa tuosto!”

Yes, he’s committed to the revitalization of Atlantic City.

Yes, he feels that casinos anywhere else in New Jersey would put a crimp on the casino revenue that AC now enjoys, even though they’re slowly bleeding money.

Yes, he’s smart enough to read the tealeaves and know that the money AC is losing now is being lost to out of state casinos.

So then why not allow the Meadowlands to be able to cash in on the North Jersey and perhaps New York gaming dollar, and allow Atlantic City to be a resort destination with the added benefit of having gaming?

Why…perhaps because of the interests in South Jersey who are depending on the tax revenue the casinos generate, not to mention the jobs created.

New Jersey's unemployment rate climbed to 9.6 percent in June, up from 9.2 percent in May in the sharpest monthly increase since the 2009 recession, according to data released by the state labor department today.

Even though 9,900 jobs were added in June — 7,600 by businesses and 2,300 in the public sector — the unemployment rate still rose for the third straight month as more and more residents began searching for work.

The gains were led by the casino industry in Atlantic City, which added 6,100 jobs. The Revel, a $2.4 billion casino resort that opened three months ago, also helped prop up the jobs number in May. Meanwhile, the state lost 2,400 manufacturing and 2,300 wholesale trade jobs.

The highlighted statement should tell you all you need to know as to why there won’t be a casino in the Meadowlands. Slowing down the growth in job creation in Atlantic City would be anathema to the plans to revitalize the city.

Or course, we're talking about Revel...which has a policy of "rehiring" their employees after 3 years, pending an evaluation. Read: you have a job for 3 years and that's it!

This is all backdrop to what the Governor said earlier today about a meeting that took place at the Meadowlands to discuss the possibility of a casino there.

The Governor wasted no time in saying that the talk of it was a waste of time.

Members of a New Jersey Assembly committee are hearing the pros and cons of allowing casino gambling at the Meadowlands.

Gov. Chris Christie said at an unrelated bill-signing in Trenton that discussing the prospect of gambling at the Meadowlands or anywhere else in the state is a waste of time. The governor and other opponents want to make sure Atlantic City’s revitalization plan has time to turn around the resort’s fortunes.

To me, it’s just more of “Nero fiddling while Rome (or in this case Atlantic City) burns.

Rossi Glossary:

Capa Tuosto: hard head

Or in his late mother’s Sicilian: Testa dura!

Do you feel the Governor is being pig headed about not allowing there to be a casino at the Meadowlands?