So if the gay marriage bill passes, what will Governor Christie do?

Conventional wisdom says he’ll veto the bill faster than Carson Kressley can slip on a pink feather boa. However, here’s something interesting. He was in Camden yesterday when someone asked him about the possibility of a gay marriage bill landing on his desk. His answer: “When forced to make a decision, if forced to make a decision on it, I will make a decision.”

Interesting only because Gov Christie has often been very blunt about his intentions, sometimes long before a bill is even in written form. Just this week he was asked about Sheila Oliver’s plans on introducing legislation to raise the minimum wage. He said he’d listen to her but that he had very serious concerns and indicated disapproval. Christie  was asked about Declan O’Scanlon’s ideas on pushing towns into accepting medical marijuana facilities and said flat out he was against it.

Yet here, on gay marriage, he’s simply saying if forced to decide he’ll decide, indicating nothing. Could this be a case of considering holding his nose and swallowing constitutional medicine? Even if he’s personally opposed to it is he feeling it will become a Constitutional issue sooner or later anyway?

Don’t know, but it will be  interesting.