During Governor Christie’s Town Hall meeting in West New York today, a man who identified himself only as a retired teacher accused the Governor of planting questions in the audience.

After Christie said he doesn’t plant questions, the man said he wasn’t going to give Christie a “softball” question, and told him that during a Town Hall that was held last March in Nutley, the second person the Governor called on – who was wearing a white sweater - asked about the state’s early release program – and Christie spoke for 5 to 7 minutes on the subject.

When the Governor asked the man how he knew the question was a plant, the individual said “I was there.” He then indicated he overheard comments that led him to believe the question had been planted.

Listen to the exchange:

Christie again said he never plants questions, and then ordered the microphone to be taken away from the man, because he was wasting everyone’s time – and the audience cheered.

The Governor then said “if I planted the question, then why the hell did I call on you?” and everyone laughed and clapped.