Ever since Governor Christie’s name came up in the presidential conversation, the late night hosts have been making fun of him. It’s a right of passage in America that once you gain the national spotlight for any reason, you become fodder for the late night monologue. That’s what makes America great! The fact that we can make fun of our leaders and celebrities. These late night hosts have assembled the best writing teams to come up with the best material to keep us rolling in the aisles, or should I say in our beds.

With Governor Christie, these dream team staffs come up with only one thing, fat jokes. The same fat jokes that you heard in the grammar school playground are now being delivered by some of the highest paid people on television. Forget about all the material Governor Christie brings to the table with his arrogant Jersey style, calling Assemblyman Reed Gusciora “Numbnuts”, calling a Navy Seal an “idiot”, Nothing funny there. Let’s just have these Ivy league writers come up with fat jokes.

You had to feel for the Governor at the White House Press corps dinner. I’m listening to Jimmy Kimmel making complimentary jokes about President and Mrs Obama, then when it comes to Governor Christie, the Jersey kid who could one day make it  to the White House, what do we get?...another fat joke!  Luckily he has Sophia Vergara to console him.  Come to think of it, Hey guys, I’m putting on weight too you know!