Governor Chris Christie held another Town Hall Wednesday. The location this time was the gymnasium at Palisades Park High School. Below are several clips from his speech, the Q&A session, and a press conference following the event.

The creation of Christie's Town Halls

Governor Christie explains the not-so-glamorous side of being New Jersey's boss. It's the reason he holds Town Hall gatherings across the state.

New Jersey is getting better

Governor Christie gives himself a pat on the back. He says "things are starting to get better" in New Jersey, thanks to his administration's refusal of new spending and tax increases.

An opportunity for New Jersey

Defending his proposal for a 10% income tax across the board, Christie says New Jersey has an opportunity now that it hasn't had in years.

Turning Trenton upside-down

Governor Christie claims "we have turned Trenton upside-down," following the Democrats' response to his plan for an income tax cut. He says instead of wanting to hike taxes, they are arguing with him over which tax to cut.

Muslim surveillance

Governor Christie comments on the recent news that Newark Muslims were monitored as part of the NYPD's efforts to build databases.

Having fun as Governor

After receiving a "thank you" from the crowd, Christie says he is enjoying the job much more than Jon Corzine, his predecessor.

Minimum wage hike

On Thursday, legislation will be considered in the Assembly to increase NJ's hourly minimum wage to $8.50, and then adjust it annually. Governor Christie offers his (scarce) thoughts on the issue.