The Iowa caucuses are just five days away and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is calling on New Jersey's Governor again to help fire up the locals. Governor Chris Christie will be in Iowa tomorrow to stump for Romney. The trip marks the second time Christie has traveled to Iowa for Romney. Earlier this month, he raised more than $1.1 million for Romney at a fundraiser in Parsippany.

Romney-for-President spokesman Ryan Williams says, "Governor Christie will join Governor Romney on his bus tour. They'll make a series of stops in West Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. Governor Christie has campaigned for Governor Romney in Iowa before. He's been to New Hampshire for Governor Romney. He's been to Florida. He's somebody who is an enormous asset to our campaign."

Christie formally endorsed the former Massachusetts governor in October shortly after deciding definitively that he didn't want to run for the White House himself in 2012. Speculation continues to swirl that Christie would as a Vice Presidential candidate if he's asked by Romney, contingent of course on Romney winning the Republican nomination.

"Governor Christie is extremely popular in Iowa," says Williams. "Voters are excited by his actions in New Jersey, his commitment to fiscal responsibility…..He's a very valuable surrogate for Governor Romney's campaign so we're glad to have him in Iowa helping to spread Governor Romney's pro-jobs and pro-growth message and build support in the days before the caucuses."

Earlier this month on Townsquare Media's Ask The Governor program Christie was asked about the possibility of becoming the republican VP candidate next year. He replied "I love this job - I want to stay -I feel like I have a commitment to try to finish the job here over the next couple of years."

He also said the fact that his name continues to be brought up as a possible Vice Presidential candidate next year is good for New Jersey, "It's great that they think I'm doing a good enough job as Governor that they want to give me another job- but the fact is this is the job I want, this is the job I ran for, this is the job I love doing every day...I wouldn't be presumptuous enough to turn down a job that hasn't been offered to me...and if Governor Romney ever offered me that job, he and I would have a conversation about it...but if you're a betting person, I wouldn't bet on a Romney-Christie ticket- cause I just don't see myself being Vice President of the United States."

Nevertheless, he wouldn't rule out the possibility of changing his mind.

"If I decide I want to run for Vice President" said Christie, "I'll run for Vice President- but I don't want to...but I don't know how I'll feel about where the country is and where the campaign is come August of 2012...if it comes out that Governor Romney is the nominee and he comes to talk to me about it, I'll certainly listen to him, cause I respect him - I respect him enough to be supporting him for President- but I think he knows that it would not be my first choice."