Governor Chris Christie visited a private residence in New Brunswick Wednesday to discuss his reform proposal for public employee sick pay.He urged the New Jersey Legislature to make the issue a priority before the end of 215th session next week.

Christie's policy would put a complete stop to paying out taxpayer dollars to public workers for unused sick days.

Since December 2010, the legislature has not acted on Christie's reforms. Sick and vacation liabilities have since totaled more than $825 million, which municipalities are required to pay.

"The whole system is rigged against the taxpayer," said Christie at the home of Frank and Joan Deiner. In New Brunswick, sick and vacation liability has equaled $1330 for every property taxpayer.

He continued, "It's crazy to me that you have members of the legislature who say this is not a significant amount of money."

Democratic Senator Paul Sarlo's legislation would cap the payouts at $7,500. Either way, public workers would be able to keep their payouts accumulated so far.

"Let's stop running the cash register on this. Let's stop accumulating more and more," Christie said.

He said his plan has common sense attached to it - zero dollars for not being sick. He challenged Democrats to present common sense with their plan.

Christie said he honors the services performed by public employees, but they should be honored with a good salary, lifetime medical benefits and a pension - not a check on their way out the door.

Video by Dino Flammia