As Governor Christie continues to fight against raising any taxes on NJ residents during budget talks, he is starting to resemble a character from Monty Python’s classic film ‘Monty Python & The Holy Grail. 

While the Democrats and state workers of New Jersey are grabbing their torches and pitch forks, Governor Christie stands at the gates of the statehouse much like the Black Knight from the Holy Grail telling all those who will listen that “NONE SHALL PASS!.” None in this discussions being any tax hikes to the taxpayers.

If you remember the Black Knight from the movie, he gets both arms and legs cut off, yet he refuses to concede victory to his opponent. Using terms like “It’s just  flesh wound,” or “Let’s just call it a draw.”  As the state unions bring a lawsuit against the governor regarding this year's state pension payment, doesn’t the governor’s battle seem eerily similar to that of that Black Knight? The governor standing there fighting to the death, telling marijuana advocates “NONE SHALL PASS!”

Watch the classic skit above and let us know if you think Governor Christie will win the fight against the NJ state unions.