Redistricting and the new legislative map leaves little room for competitve races, according to Governor Chris Christie.

The governor says the New Jersey State Republican Party has made a significant investment in key legislative races that they believe are close or winnable on Election Day by spending money on campaign mailers, and adverstisements on radio and televison.

"But going all the way back to Governor Hughes, there has only been one governor who has not lost seats in the first midterm election of his first term and that's former Governor Jim McGreevy who gained seats after getting an unconstitutional map passed, every other governor Republican or Democrat has lost seats and the average has been ten."

Christie says even if seats in the state legislature stay exactly the same, "its a huge win for us and an affirmation of our policies, and anything we gain after that will be historic."

Regardless of whether the GOP gains or loses seats today, Christie says he remains focused on expanding the party in the state legislature.

"We want to broaden the number of elected officials in the party in every level of government who can move up and challenge for spots that democrats currently hold that we would like to take back."

The only way to do that, Christie says, is to get more and more good people involved in elected politics.

"Then they will get the kind of experience they need to get to be able to have a credible resume to present to the voters, that's why I'm getting invovled in these races, if you are the leader of the party that's what you're supposed to be doing."