The Feb. 3 edition of Ask the Governor drew unprecedented national attention due to developments in the roiling Bridgegate scandal since the Chris Christie's prior appearance on the Townsquare Radio Network show in December.

The governor disclosed the fact his office was under federal subpoena by the U.S. Attorney investigating the controversial surprise closing of George Washington Bridge approach lanes last September. He strenuously reiterated his denial of any advance knowledge or involvement in the apparent political retribution scheme and he also took a swipe at critics he said were trying to turn the controversy into a game of political "gotcha."

As always, however, callers to the program had other concerns to query the governor about and on this night they included criticisms of New Jersey's landlord-tenant laws, the fading fortunes of Atlantic City's casino industry, new eminent domain legislation and the debate over whether the Super Bowl had been the economic boon to New Jersey that many expected.

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