Depending what job he takes, I doubt Governor Christie will be leaving the state as much as he's done while he's been our governor. Last night, we saw him in the owner's box of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

I don't watch much football anymore, but this year the Eagles (I'm from South Jersey) have been having a great year, so I watched a game or two. Last night's Sunday Night Football game promised to be a good one with the Eagles visiting a Cowboys team with it's back up against the wall. So I watched and rooted for the Eagles, but not with as much passion as I did a few years ago.

But then, in a quick TV camera shot of the Cowboys owners booth, there he was. Our governor sitting right behind Jerry Jones. Now the passion was back. The Eagles HAVE to beat the Cowboys.

I want Christie's ride home on a private jet and miserable as he's made our last four years. Yes, the first four were hopeful, until he bailed on us for his own personal gain. You gotta figure he's traveling private. I don't see him in commercial, unless he's in first class.

All due respect, he's not fitting in a coach seat. His rich friend Jerry is probably picking up the tab and that's all good. This may all seem petty, and it is. His pettiness and vindictive nature has rubbed off on the millions of New Jersey residents who rooted for him when he took office.

The first half of his term was exciting and competitive. Then in his second half he seemed to fold like a cheap suit. Sort of like his Cowboys in last night's game.

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