So many of us have auto correct on our cell phones so texts can become pretty funny or incriminating very fast!  Auto correct is great for the most part, but how annoying is it when it corrects something you didn't want it to correct or it corrected it to the wrong word?  If you haven't seen this website, check it out...just when you thought your auto-correct texts were bad!

Another issue one can run into when it comes to text messaging is texting the wrong person.  Have you ever done that by mistake? I have been the receiver of a text that was meant to go to my friend's girlfriend which was pretty funny, and I once sent a text to a guy I was on a date with while he was in the bathroom by mistake.  A friend of mine had texted me and like most people, I checked my phone while he was gone because there was nothing else to do, and I wrote back that I was on a date and that I would fill him later.  Then I realized, oops, wrong person!  I'm so glad I didn't go into detail with the text!!  That's what happens when I drink pomegranate martinis.   Bottom line is don't drink and text, and in general, be careful who you are texting!  With lots of texting going on at once, it's easy for a text to get into the wrong hands!  Has this ever happened to you? Call me tonight at 1-800-283-1015 to discuss!