There has been a lot of talk about Google Glass since people first got wind of it last year. A lot of us wondered what it would look like, what it's purpose would be, and why anyone would want to spend money on it.

Early yesterday, Google unveiled a video demonstration called How It Feels [through Glass]. After seeing the capabilities of Glass, I started to think about a world where we all had one. It's a surreal thought that could one day become a reality.

If this video is an accurate representation of what we should expect, countless everyday tasks will be changed forever, especially sharing parts of your day with your friends and loved ones. Is this a change for the better? That remains to be seen.

Check out Google's demonstration video below.

For more information on what Google Glass will be able to do and how you can get your hands on one, click here.

Are you excited for Google Glass to hit the mainstream? Is the thought of a world with everyone wearing a futuristic mechanism on their face scary to you?

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