Your not going to see too much tailgating at a Barry Manilow show; but for the hordes that show up at the PNC Bank Arts Center to see a good many of the other shows that attract crowds that love to party – forget about tailgating!

Ain’t gonna happen there anymore!

At least if the the Holmdel Town Council has its way.

They’ve recently banned tailgating at venues that hold more than 4,000 people, which includes the PNC Bank Arts Center.

Not a good thing for anyone expecting to party in the parking area before the Warped Tour, Toby Keith, Dave Matthews, or Nine Inch Nails. And judging by the comments from the Mayor of Holmdel, it looks as if the PNC Bank Arts Center was the intended target for the ban.

“This quite honestly deals with the PNC Bank Arts Center,” Mayor Patrick Impreveduto said. “They run ancillary events that disturb our residents and we are passing this ordinance to stop that.”

The video below is from last year’s Lil Wayne concert where a spectator threw ice – and was threatened by the artist.

Would it surprise you if the concert-goer was “tanked” and had gotten so before the show?

Now would that be reason enough to ban the practice for the throngs whose only purpose is to have a good time before having a good time?

Do you agree with the ban on tailgating before summer shows at the PNC Bank Arts Center?