A few weeks ago, we had an on-air discussion of hangover cures based on an article that extolled the virtues of Pedialyte for those who may have overindulged. Well, there's new research that may indicate the best cure for a hangover is being older. I've known quite a few people who bemoan the fact that alcohol no longer has the effect on them it used to have. They've said that drinking now basically makes them tired. I'm not sure that this new study corroborates that observation but it does indicate that alcohol does have a different impact on older drinkers than on younger ones.

As reported by the Mother Nature Network, the Danish study found that, after binge drinking, men aged 18-29 were eleven times more likely to suffer hangover symptoms than those binge drinkers aged 60 and over; the findings were similar for women, but not quite as pronounced. The study's authors posit several possible reasons for the disparity: older drinkers drink less when binging, older drinkers may have developed effective strategies for lessening the likelihood of a hangover, and my favorite: the drinkers who suffered the worst hangovers have quit drinking by 60.