We have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and, now, Giving Tuesday. “Giving Tuesday” is like Cyber Monday, but for charities; people are encouraged to open their wallets and give to the charity of their choice. The amount of money raised has risen every year since the day was founded in 2012 by the United Nations Foundation and New York’s 92nd Street Y. I’m sure most people have a charity that is near and dear to them, but for those of you who are wondering to whom to give, I have three suggestions:

Autism Speaks: My youngest son has autism, and Autism Speaks has been a tremendous resource for us; not only do they fund research into the causes of autism, they provide resources to both parents and children on dealing with the disorder and coping with the day to day problems. It gives people hope and helps them give their children a more typical existence. Find out how to give to Autism Speaks.

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network: When I was first diagnosed with bladder cancer, I knew absolutely nothing about it. My urologic oncologist pointed me toward BCAN.org and all of a sudden, I had a lifeline. From medical information to message boards filled with posts by survivors, BCAN.org gave me a wealth of information. While bladder cancer is among the most common cancers, not a great deal of research has been done. BCAN seeks to remedy that, raising funds for additional research. Find out how to give to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network.

Balanced Buddies Res-Q: If animals are more your style, let me recommend an outstanding rescue organization. Balanced Buddies Res-Q is right here in New Jersey and does a wonderful job matching dogs to humans. When we were talking on the air about adopting a dog, Melissa from Balanced Buddies called in and said she had the perfect dog for my family. I was skeptical, so say the least, but it turned out she was 100% right. Luna, the dog we adopted from Balanced Buddies, has been absolutely perfect for our family, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Find out how to give to Balanced Buddies Res-Q

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