I'll have to give credit to a tv viewer commenting on the Occupy Wall St. crowd when he called them "The everybody gets a trophy crowd, all grown up". And he might be dead-on.

We live in arguably (still) the best country in the world, no matter what your background or gender, and still we have managed to produce a crop of whiny, dependent, entitled sore losers who want to cry because there are some people far more successful than them. They feel it's unfair. They played by the rules. Some did well in school. They're not bad people. Why aren't they successful?

There could be a multitude of reasons why, but it nobody's problem or fault but their own. My suspicion is they figured they finally got the "Messiah" in office that they've been waiting for, and got rid of that horrible George Bush(the root of all evil) yet things still suck. How can that be?!?!?!

It is what it is because the system has been corrupted for over 60 (or more)years, to pander to spoiled whiners like them and we've painted ourselves into a corner with higher taxes, more laws and regulations that inhibit freedom and growth. Instead of whine like spoiled little girls in front of banks on Wall St., take your grievances to your spoiling nanny down in Washington or most state capitols (especially New Jersey).

Those people that you elected to "take care of all of our problems", have created the sh#t storm we currently find ourselves weathering. Wake the bleep up, get the bleep off your asses and direct your dissatisfaction at the right people and stop acting like a fourth grader who just got beaned in the head in dodge ball in gym because you're too slow and/or stupid to get out of the way!