That is what I would do. And, a recent study confirms my thoughts on the Valentine's Day card dilemma. Serious...or...Funny?

A little history first...

February has long been known as the month of romance. The history behind Valentine's Day, and its patron saint, Saint Valentine, is shrouded in mystery. But, the day we recognize today is known to contain bits of both Christian and Roman tradition.

Can you "bear"ly stand it? (Craig Allen photo).

The giving of flowers, chocolate and jewelry is part of that tradition.

Mmmmmm....chocolate! (Craig Allen photo).

Valentine greetings were popular as far back as the middle ages. Written valentines began to appear after 1400.

Besides the U.S., Valentine's Day is observed in England, Canada, Australia, France and Mexico.

In America and England, by the mid 1700's, it was common for friends and lovers to exchange small gifts and handwritten notes on Valentine's Day.

Esther A. Howland began selling the first mass-produced Valentines in America in the 1840's. Known as the "Mother Of The Valentine," her cards were elaborate. They were made with lace, ribbons and colorful pictures known as "scrap."

By around 1900, printed cards had largely replaced handwritten notes, due to improvements in printing technology.

This card is purr-fect for giving to classmates! (Craig Allen photo).

Today, according to the "Greeting Card Association," 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are sent each year...

LOVE is in the air...and by the card packet! (Craig Allen photo).

...making this the second-largest card-sending day of the year (behind Christmas).

Women buy about 85% of all Valentine's Day cards...

Give a BIG card...a "Jumbo" card! (Craig Allen photo).

A recent study I came across said (and I won't bore you  with all the minutia): if you're not sure whether to get your sweetie a serious or a funny Valentine's Day card...

This covers candy and one! (Craig Allen photo). should give a "funny" Valentine card, as it shows that you are "comfortable" in the relationship.

Having said that, would you send this card?

Send one of these cards...or the whole pack! (Craig Allen photo).

Now, its your turn.

Time to be "seriously funny." Or, you can be serious...

Below is the front of a mass-produced card...what should it say on the inside?

Complete the card.

What should this card say on the inside? (Craig Allen photo).


And, if you haven't gotten a Valentine's Day card for your sweetheart...go! Hurry!

Really? Nothing says L-O-V-E like...Angry Birds (Craig Allen photo).