How should you dress for a job interview? In this recovering economy, many people are concerned with making the right first impression. One woman is fighting back against a company that refused to hire her based on how she was dressed.

Elizabeth Bentivegna is a student at Oberlin College, and recently she applied for a summer internship at On Shift, a software company. After being late to the interview and arriving with a run down her stocking, Bentivegna was not contacted by the company for a follow-up, according to The Daily Dot.

When she asked why she didn't hear from them, the company's reasoning was that even though she had impressive technical skills and a great personality, she looked like she "was about to go clubbing than to an interview." 

Bentivegna believed her attire was pretty conservative and thinks that the "all-male" environment of the company probably influenced their decision.

She expressed her disappointment in a long rant on her Facebook page (
warning: she uses strong language):

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