Once again, Giants kicker Robbie Gould missed an extra point against the Cleveland Browns after missing two last week against his old team, the Chicago Bears, as Big Blue's "old school schedule" continues. Next week, they play the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

It won't be long until Gould could cost them a game. What really sucks about that is that the Giants had a Pro Bowl kicker on their roster. Josh Brown, as we all know, was released after the Kings County police released journals and e-mails of Brown's admitted domestic abuse, some of which were written as part of his therapy. The documents also contained a "'Contract for Change" signed by Brown, his ex-wife, and counselor Jerry Price; this contract states that Brown had physically, verbally, and emotionally abused his ex-wife. Brown also admitted in the documents that he was molested as a young boy. He was never charged.

Brown, who said in a statement that he never struck his wife who he's since divorced from, has been in therapy getting help. Molly Brown is in no danger other than possible support loss due to the fact that her ex-husband cannot get a job.

Brown was suspended one game, which he has already served has put him on the exempt list (whatever that means). Does the NFL have double jeopardy?  They tried that with Ray Rice who appealed and was reinstated.

Of course there's no reason ever for a man to abuse a woman and what Brown admittedly did was reprehensible but does he not deserve a second chance if he has admitted remorse and is working it out in therapy? The NFL is all about second chances, see Michael Vick, Dante Stallworth, Leonard Little, etc.

When he was let go by the Giants, Brown released a statement apologizing and saying he has "taken measures to get help" for his alleged domestic abuse and wants to be a "voice of change, not a statistic."

The Giants, when they released Brown, said "we hope that Josh will continue to dedicate himself to rehabilitation and to becoming a better person and father. We will continue to support him in his efforts to continue counseling, and we hope that Josh and his family can find peace and a positive resolution."

Maybe they can help each other.

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