Would you like to see Chip Kelly coach the Giants? According to CSN Philly’s Derrick Gunn, a league source says the Giants are interested in the former Eagles head coach along with San Francisco, Cleveland, and Tennessee.

Personally, I don’t see Kelly coming to New Jersey because as good as an offensive mind he is, part of the reason he’s out of Philly is because he couldn’t work or play well with others. That’s a must for the Giants.

Kelly also went for (and got) the role of General Manager before last season and either traded away or released the star players that took the team from back to back 10-6 seasons and a playoff appearance to 7-9.

Considering that I can’t see Eli Manning running his offense, I think this is nothing more than both sides kicking the tires on the other.

If you were going to pick the next head coach of the Giants, who would you choose?

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