It may be an old fashioned notion to hold out on having sex until marriage, but that’s the path the Giants’ cornerback Prince Amukamara has chosen.

Especially being a football player under the spotlight of New York has to be the ultimate test of one’s will. (Although Tim Tebow did it...albeit with little success as a player!)

But being hailed as the ‘black Tim Tebow’ gives him a sense of pride.

And it’s somewhat refreshing to hear how someone of his stature is able to have such laudable values in light of revelations of sexual romps by other players.

Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara’s teammates didn’t know that he wears a chastity belt underneath his jockstrap — and they’re all supporting him.
“When I first heard it, I was like, ‘Wow,’ ” cornerback Jayron Hosley told The Post Thursday of the 24-year-old’s vow to stay a virgin until marriage.

“But everyone comes from different places. Nobody’s the same. You can’t expect that coming into a locker room.

“He’s doing it for a reason, for something that he believes in, that he feels is right for him. I respect that.”

The devoutly religious Amukamara made headlines this week when he told Muscle & Fitness magazine he doesn’t drink and hasn’t had sex, earning him the nickname “the black Tebow” from peers.

“There’s more guys out there like that than you think,” Hosley said. “Negative publicity seems to get the headlines, but there’s a lot of good guys out here doing a lot of great things.”

“I’m the type of guy, you do what works for you,” said safety Ryan Mundy.
“It’s definitely a window into the type of person that he is and what he believes in and how it helped him get this far.”

Cornerback Aaron Ross: “He’s raised a little different from most defensive backs, but that’s what makes him special. He’s like the little brother in the room.”

Amukamara is engaged to longtime love Pilar Davis, but plenty of New York gals in Times Square Thursday said they’d take a crack at Amukamara in the sack.

“I could pull this off,” said Tabitha Good, 21. “If I saw him I definitely would go up to him and introduce myself. I don’t drink either, so I’d say, ‘I’d like to share a coke with you.’ We definitely will be out all night.”

“I have the male mind down. Him being a prince, that would make me a princess. I like that — it’s intriguing.”

“It would be challenging, but there is nothing like a challenge,” said Phinnia Jefferys, 19.

“It would be kind of cool, especially because he has never being with a girl before. If I have to take the lead, then let’s go. The first time is the best.”

Lauren Biala, 19, said she would take it slowly.
“I’d make it special for him. I would cook him dinner, later bring out the candles and give him a massage,” Biala said.

“I’d give it a shot.”

Given all the challenges the above ladies have put out there, the man’s will has to be forged in steel.

And even though it might be unusual and difficult for a professional athlete to hold himself up to such high a standard given the temptations of the times; how many of you can say you’re saving yourself for your wedding day? And how many temptations have you had to avoid along the way?

More to the point, would you date one?