Jackson's own Gianna Isabella is continuing her run on "American Idol", as she made it into the Top 24 last night. Being a friend of the station, she called in to Bill Spadea's show this morning to share how lucky she feels to have made it.

Gianna Isabella told Bill Spadea that "American Idol" has been an amazing experience thus far, and how she's excited to fly out to Hollywood to continue her run.

When asked by Bill how she handles performing in front of a crowd and celebrity judges, she says that she gets a little nervous at first, but the nerves fade away as soon as she starts singing.

Gianna says she's "having a blast" and whether she makes it or not, she "gave it the best she could".

What's next for Gianna? She flies out to Los Angeles tomorrow morning, and American Idol cuts down it's total from contestants 24 to 14 next week,

Check out the full interview with Jackson's own Gianna Isabella and Bill Spadea in the clip above.

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