Here is what Deminski and Doyle are talking about on today’s show.

A substitute school van driver was fired after a student turned over evidence that she was speeding and playing with her phone. Did you ever try to get someone fired?

Toms River is cracking down on door to door solicitation. Will you ignore a knock at your door or do you feel obligated to answer it?

Is going door to door a thing of the past or have you still been hit up to buy something in the last few years?

If a bear is right at your door trying to get, should you be allowed to shoot it? A 78 year old Sparta man is on trial for this.

A guy faces 20 years for growing 17 marijuana plants. He's representing himself and banking on jury nullification. Do you believe marijuana should be legal and would you find this guy innocent?

What is the dumbest ticket a cop ever gave you?

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