Charges are pending against the idiots involved in the We Are Visible protest that shut down the George Washington Bridge Wednesday morning. I would love to know what those charges will be. Bridgegate nonsense resulted in federal charges for causing major traffic jams. These nitwits actually stood across the very roadway itself chaining themselves together and caused a total standstill in the middle of morning rush hour. Kelly and Baroni could face years in prison for their Bridgegate roles. I bet these morons protesting perceived social injustice will face far less. Some of course are already holding them up as heroes.

It's being reported that the #WeAreVisible protest was demanding equal rights and pay for immigrants and political power for marginalized communities. Researching the group I find they mostly have roots in fighting homelessness in America. I suppose that could be the 'marginalized communities' they speak of. Here's the thing #WeAreVisible, you know how you don't become homeless? You work hard for a living, like all those people were doing in trying to get across the GWB Wednesday morning. Yet you wouldn't let them, would you? You stopped people dead in their tracks from getting to their jobs so that they could afford a place to live and not be homeless. As furious with you as they were, they were decent enough human beings to not run you down dead on the bridge.

Protest all you want. Demand the government hand free housing over to troubled homeless people. Insist we save the whales. Hug trees. Call police officers terrible things. Do whatever the hell you want. This is America after all. But DON'T get in our way when we are trying to get to our jobs, feed our families, contribute to society by actually earning our way and paying our taxes while you play grab-ass chanting in Spanish on a bridge in the name of some socialized cure for all your perceived misfortunes. Grow the hell up and get the $&@! out of our way.

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