Living in the Garden State, we've all seen them. During the Spring, Summer and Fall months they are virtually everywhere. I'm talking about geese and they've been a real problem in many Jersey communities.

While I've always been a bird lover, these pesky, large beaked animals end up taking a nice area and making it all messy. From past experience walking in Huddy Park in Downtown Toms River, you gotta check your shoes when they're around. The green and white droppings don't do wonders for the car floor mats and home carpet. Feathers everywhere! Quite frankly, they're just annoying. They also end up destroying well manicured lawns by grazing in the grass. And there's nothing worse than being in a rush to get somewhere when a flock of these tall feathered friends tie up traffic - moving at a snails pace.

While I don't condone violence against animals and I'm not a supporter of sport hunting, what can be done to control the geese? Well the answer is we have to deal with it. The geese were here long before we moved in and took over the land. One can say its the same case for those black bears currently in the cross-hairs up in North Jersey. That's a different ball of wax.

One man in a shore area community has a solution for the geese problem, at least in his neighborhood. Check out this YouTube video and you'll see what I mean. For full disclosure purposes, it was taken by some friends of mine who I've worked on independent films/shorts with. This was an unexpected surprise and not staged at all. They have blurred his face to protect his identity. Thanks to Hey Killer Productions for the video.



Maybe he has a method he should quickly patent.