A few days ago Dennis and Judi briefly talked about Gayle King and her part on the morning show on CBS.  It turns out, one of King's crew members is a Dennis and Judi fan and was listening at the time.  Word got back to King that she was discussed on the Dennis and Judi Show and she wanted to talk with Dennis and Judi.

Today during the Dennis and Judi Show, Gayle King called in to thank Dennis and Judi for following her morning show on CBS.  Listen below to hear the first part of King's on-air conversation with Dennis and Judi.

King went on to talk about the interview she conducted with Trayvon Martin's mother and father on "CBS This Morning". Trayvon was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in what has become a national story.  Listen in below to Gayle King talking about the story with Dennis and Judi.