When President Obama announced he supported same-sex marriage, did it change your opinion about the issue?

A just-released poll seems to indicate the answer is - probably not.

Mickey Carroll, the Director of the Quinnipiac University Polling institute says a new survey finds New Jersey voters "approved of same-sex marriage before President Barack Obama did -and they still do - yeah - 53 to 42 (percent)…did his announcement make any difference? Most people say no - it's pretty much of a wash- a few people said they were more likely to vote for him because of his switch - a few people said they were less likely to vote."

He says the poll also finds Jersey residents "didn't like - 48 to 44 - Governor Christie's veto when the Legislature passed it (same sex marriage) - and they think that the Legislature should override it - 48 to 45 - that's pretty close - but overwhelmingly they support Christie's call for a public referendum on it - the Quinnipiac numbers on that- 67 to 27 say they like the idea of having a referendum."

The poll also finds when it comes to the Governor's call to enact education reform - and make it "easier to fire bad teachers, merit pay - yeah - on all of those things, Governor Christie comes up positive."

In addition, the poll indicates more people like Senate President Steve Sweeney's property tax cut plan - compared to Governor Christie's income tax proposal.