Senate President Steve Sweeney says it was the biggest mistake of his political life. The last time it came up for a vote, he chose to abstain. It's bothered his conscience ever since. Now as senate president he's the huge difference in the latest go-round to replace 'civil unions' with actual full marriage rights in New Jersey for same sex couples. Being senate president will carry votes. Also, New York has since passed gay marriage. The showdown will come if it hits Governor Christie's desk, who's on record as opposing gay marriage. Will he ultimately have the same attack of conscience Sweeney did? Or will the expected veto come?

For those who believe civil unions for same sex couples are just as good as marriage, that it's the same thing, that it should satisfy them and make them 'go away'...ask yourself something. If indeed civil union is just as good as marriage, then are you willing to switch? We, all the straight people in New Jersey, from here on out agree that WE have civil unions, and that they, all the gay people in New Jersey, from here on out have marriage. No?

Why not?

If civil unions indeed are the same as and just as good and solid as marriage, you should be willing to switch places then, shouldn't you?

If you're not willing, you now see why we're still treating same sex couples as second class citizens.