Do you remember the character Phoebe on “Friends” singing a song called “Smelly Cat”? Keep that in mind while you digest this story.

An animal shelter in New York state adopted out a cat, but the new owners returned the feline two days later. What was wrong with the cat? He was overly gassy. The owners had to fill out a form about why they were returning him and they noted that he “farts all the time." Apparently two days were enough to convince them that the condition was chronic, although workers at Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions are quoted in the Daily Mirror as saying they didn’t notice the issue and that there hadn’t been any problems. The Veterinary Adoption Center has a Facebook page where the cat (named Lenny) says, “I am hoping I can find a person to love me even with my stinky farts.” As far as I know, the cat is still available to a good home.