State police in New Jersey and Connecticut are waging a friendly feud on social media.

The first barb came March 30, when New Jersey responded on Facebook to a Connecticut trooper's question on whether New Jersey troopers pump their own gas, since New Jersey law requires station attendants to do it.

Saying that wasn't a concern, a New Jersey post said Connecticut didn't "have the decency" to paint its troop cars.

Connecticut troopers responded with a post saying they "won't mention" the hats worn by their New Jersey counterparts. Connecticut troopers wear large-brimmed hats, while Jersey troopers don smaller ones.

Days later, New Jersey's response noted that they don't wear hats at all — they wear "covers."

Connecticut soon fired back with a quip featuring stereotypical "Jersey accents" and a friendly warning about dealing with "Nutmeggers," a nickname for Connecticut residents.

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