A 76 Gas Station employee in Middletown had just finished pumping ten dollars worth for a driver in a white Toyota Corolla LE when the driver suddenly grabbed the back of the attendant's money apron and hit the gas. $1,500 was in that nail apron and the robber didn't care who he had to hurt to get it. The apron tie held on and the worker was dragged at high speed across the lot towards route 36. Thankfully it snapped before the car got to the highway. The surveillance video below shows the entire incident.

This agency is investigating a robbery of the 76 Gas Station on Highway 36 in the Belford section of Middletown. The event occurred on Saturday August 15, 2015 at 7:25 pm. The unknown suspect was described as a black subject who pulled into the gas station and asked for $10.00 in fuel. After the subject pays the attendant they then grab on to the attendants nail apron which is where the attendant kept his currency. The subject then dragged the attendant toward Hwy 36 until the nail apron ripped away, causing the attendant to be dragged approximately 35 feet, and continued onto Highway 36 heading north. The unknown subject made off with approximately $1500.00 in cash and the nail apron which has "Fuel One" written across the front.The vehicle is believed to be a white, 4 door 2009-2012 Toyota Corolla LE with tinted windows, no wheel covers and no visible license plates. The vehicle was driven by a black subject, possibly male, and an unknown passenger. Anybody with any information regarding this incident or the vehicle and subject in question are asked to contact the Middletown Twp. Police Department at 732-615-2100, or Detective Albert Scott at 732-615-2009. Information can also be emailed to ascott@middletownnj.org

Posted by Middletown Township Police Department on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Police are looking for this thug. If you can help contact the Middletown Township Police Department at 732-615-2100 or Detective Albert Scott at 732-615-2009.

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