Jersey City police and officers around New Jersey are on guard against a threat to their lives by members of the Bloods gang.

Threat bulletin issued by New Jersey State Police (Click image for a larger view) (Townsquare Media NJ)

New Jersey State Police confirm the United Blood Nation is avenging the death of Lawrence Campbell who was shot dead by police after he assassinated Jersey City officer Melvin Santiago as he got out of his cruiser early Sunday morning while responding to the report of a robbery at a Walgreens.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop (D) says the officer who released the information on the internet will face disciplinary action. "The police department gets tons of threats and 99.9 percent are not substantiated and not credible. However, we take it seriously," Fulop told WABC radio's Geraldo Rivera according to the Jersey Journal.

The warning says that the Bloods vow to "attack and shoot" Jersey City police officers and not stop until the National Guard is called.

Bloods may come to Jersey City from Newark and Camden to target officers working detail on the Pulaski Skyway project and Jersey City EMT's "because they know the police officers will respond immediately to their backup," according to the notice. It is not known if Santiago's killer was a member of the Bloods reports the Post.

A makeshift memorial for Jersey City Police officer Melvin Santiago (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Gang members may also be preparing for an ambush on officers by hiding weapons in abandoned buildings between Grant and Orient avenues along Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The hit may also be related to the shooting death of Levon King who was also shot dead by Jersey City police according to ABC 7, which reports officers around the state have been urged to wear their vests and to take the threat seriously.

Flags at state buildings will fly at half-staff today per executive order of Gov. Chris Christie "to honor the service and sacrifice of Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago."


The Associated Press contributed to this report