Fury 325 is a brand new roller coaster set to open at Carowinds, in Charlotte, N.C. The wild ride is named because it climbs 325 feet high and has an 81-degree drop. Fury 325 tops out at a speed of 95 miles per hour.

You know a ride is pretty impressive if you start feeling the effects from it just by watching the video! The Fury 325 expects to open for riders later this spring. The park has already been doing some test runs and were able to shoot a POV video to give a sneak peak to anxious riders.

The ride looks extremely impressive and will surely give riders their money's worth. The coaster is classified as a giga coaster because it stands between 300 - 399 ft high. For all those looking for a new exciting ride, you the Fury 325 may just be the latest thrill to enjoy.

Check out the amazing POV footage in the video above.