Funeral services have been held for the Trenton woman and boy whose bodies were found in their home after a 37-hour hostage standoff last weekend.


Tent set up for law enforcement during Trenton hostage standoff (Brian McCarthy)

The Times of Trenton reports Carmenlita Stevens' four surviving children were among those attending Saturday's service for the 44-year-old woman and her 12-year-old son, Quavon Foster. Stevens' boyfriend had held three of the surviving children hostage during the standoff.

Authorities have said Stevens and Foster died from stab wounds on April 25, nearly three weeks before the standoff began May 10. It ended two days later when hostage-taker Gerald Tyrone Murphy was fatally shot in the head by police who stormed the home.

Authorities have said Murphy killed the pair, but a motive has not been determined.

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