Its a day that my whole neighborhood looks forward to...Race Day!

Tractor Race Day, that is!

I'm the first tractor on the starting about 11:15am. (Craig Allen photo)

The whole thing started many years ago as a spur-of-the-moment idea of something fun for the kids.

Once again this year, Ethan & Emily (my nephew & niece) are racing with me! (Craig Allen photo)

Over the years, the race has grown to encompass kids of all ages...

Racers arrive all afternoon...right up to race time at 5:30. (Craig Allen photo)

...tractors of all sizes...

Readying the "waterworks." (Craig Allen photo)

...and water balloons and "Super Soakers" are encouraged!

The number of tractors is growing... (Craig Allen photo)

As more and more racing teams arrive...anticipation grows!

The starting line as seen from another angle. (Craig Allen photo)
Race time is getting closer...and the crowd gets bigger. (Craig Allen photo)
Jon is ready in the official "Pace Jeep!" (Craig Allen photo)

And, suddenly we hear the words we've been waiting for all year...

Thumbs UP! We're ready to race! (Craig Allen photo)

"Start your engines!"

Trust me...the roar of lawn tractor engines is deafening!

By the way, that's why a "thumbs up" signal is used to make sure that all racers are ready...with all that lawn-cutting horsepower, you can no longer hear any race instructions!

We're a "blur of speed?"  (Craig Allen photo)

And, suddenly, the race is on!

Waving to the fans! (Craig Allen photo)

Now, the racer's job is to follow all the twists and turns of the course...

Fast-paced tractor action! (Craig Allen photo)

...always jockeying for a better position...

"I'm gonna take you on this turn!" (Craig Allen photo)

...while your team mates "soak" the competition! Remember the water balloons and the super soakers? They add to the fun and frolic of this annual neighborhood event!

And while, once again, I did not win...(I won 2 years ago)...I placed respectably. Nowhere near the back of the pack, thank you!

Congratulations! (Craig Allen photo)

Congratulations to Paul, who takes home the coveted Tractor Race Trophy for 2013!

And now, we turn our sights to next Memorial Day Weekend, when once again we will meet for the pre-race party...race for 5 minutes...and then party into the night.

Its the social event of the year in my neighborhood!