Still fuming after the his tax cut plan was ditched - and a democratic plan to delay a possible tax cut until at least next year was adopted - Governor Christie is once again blasting what he calls the "Corzine democrats" - and the leader who inspired them.

During his latest town hall in Mahwah, Christie said, "Jon Corzine ran this state into a bridge abutment - and then he went back to Wall Street and did exactly the same thing.  we know the type of leadership - or lack of leadership that he and his colleagues provided to this state over the time they were here…And we can't take it anymore- and so now's the time to have a fight everybody - and this summer is going to be fight time - it's going to be fight time this summer."

The Governor then told an overflow crowd of more than 600 people the democrats "believe that Government knows how to spend your money better than you do.  They believe that government should be bigger- that government is the solution to every problem in every household across this state…The Corzine democrats say we don't have enough money to cut your taxes, but we have enough money to add hundreds of millions of dollars in additional spending.  That's what I don't get."

He added, "If Jon Corzine was still around - after 15 minutes of listening to him you'd be dazed and confused - you wouldn't know what the heck he talking about or what he meant, and that was 4 years of what we had.  You may not agree with me all the time, but you never have to wonder what I'm saying…I'm not looking to win a popularity contest - you didn't elect me prom king - okay, you elected me Governor - to make decisions…This summer we're going to travel all over this state and we're going to demand that the Corzine Democrats explain to you what they're holding your tax cut hostage - cause that's what they're doing."

The Governor added that he felt bad talking about former Governor Corzine because "I know for many of you it's bad, bad memories but you know what, they're back…You've seen over and over and over again that I'm willing to work with democrats - I'm happy to compromise with these folks every time it's reasonable to do so, but when they ask me to compromise my principals, when they ask me to take more money out of your pocket- and they demand that I not give any of it back to you at all - well that's where I draw the line in the sand… I need your help - I know that you know that the only way to win this battle over taxes in New Jersey is for us to get loud."