The Giants are bound for the Superbowl after winning Sunday against the 49ers, and fans across the nation mourn the loss of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.


* The Giants win 20 to 17 in overtime against the San Francisco 49ers. 

*  Joe Paterno loses his battle against lung cancer nearly three months after being outsed as the football     coach at Penn State amist a sex abuse scandal involved Jerry Sandusky.

* The fight to legalize gay marriage in New Jersey is set to begin Tuesday as the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a gay marriage measure

* Do you still take a lunch at work?  If not, you aren't alone.  You can take our poll here on the issue.

*  A new survey shows New Jerseyans are happy not to pump their own gas. 

*  New software could help teenagers put cell phones down while driving.

*   Tax season is offiically here.  Get tips on e-filing here.   

*   Today our good news feature puts the spotlight on a New Jersey couple who started a food pantry to help needy pets

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