Thanks to athletes like Shakur Stevenson, Jordan Burroughs, Kyrie Irving, Laurie Stevenson and Laurie Hernandez, there's no doubt there's a New Jersey presence at the Olympics in Rio.

Imagine what the Olympics would be like if we held them in New Jersey. If we were going to stage "Jersey” Olympic events, what would they be?

That's the question I put out on social media and here are some of the events that we came up with:

Mosquito Swatting: The bigger the bug, the higher the point total. Olympians are also judged on swatting form and overcoming their fear of bugs. Thanks Craig!

The Traffic Circle 10K: I did that one night while driving high (on life), but that's another story. Olympians can drive with their spouses giving them directions.

Tax Collecting (or should that be taxpaying): No one is better at that than someone from New Jersey.

Tommy gives us Business Killing: how fast can you take a successful business and "regulate" it to death?

Cheryl says Strong Arming: Definitely a North Jersey event. Guilio, who I grew up with in Union City, brings back the memories of stickball, punchball, tag football, bottle caps, buck buck — those were the days!

Skee Ball: A boardwalk favorite from Samantha.

Tomato Throwing: The best thing about getting hit with a Jersey tomato, they taste so good you want to get hit again!

Drunken Lawn Pee: Definitely for the summer games! Thanks Gregory!

Bridge Blocking: Extra points if you successfully lie about it afterwards.

Bocci Ball: Brought over from “the other side,” which is how my grandfather referred to Italy.

Polar Bear Plunge: Another great one. This would be a popular winter event. We always have a blast there:

Dodging the Tram Car: A summer event from Brian.

Brian says if we held them in Camden we could do Hood Games — car jack 100m relay, blunt rolling contest. Who can get the most hookers on Morgan Boulevard?

Gas Pumping: Pops, wrong state!

Pork Roll Eating: Definitely the right state. Only in north Jersey this is called “Taylor Ham Eating."

Brian suggests Dodging the Tram Car.

Comedian Chris Johnston has the Jersey favorite: Bird Flipping.

Kevin comes up with that shore favorite, Sprint from the Beach Tag Lady.

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