Governor Christie is back from his trip to Israel

During a question and answer session this morning at the Jewish Community Center in Bridgewater, the Governor said his made the trip with 3 goals in mind – “one was for me to gain a better understanding of the cultural experience that Israelis and Jews in the United States feel about Israel, second was to understand the security and governmental challenges that Israel is facing – so as a leader in my own party in this country I can help develop my thoughts on that and then give voice to what I think America’s interaction with Israel should be - and third was a business goal - of trying to bring more Israeli businesses to New Jersey – and to encourage more New Jersey trade with Israel.”

Christie then told the crowd “I think you’re going to see some developments in the next month or two – that’s going to prove that it was really successful- and that it will bring more jobs back here in New Jersey for our citizens – that are going to be good paying careers…I think once more Israeli businesses are exposed to doing business in New Jersey – given our citizens here – the more they’re going to want to come to New Jersey.”

The Governor said he give the trip a B plus grade, “because there’s more for me to do and there’s more for me to learn.”

During his visit, Christie met with Israeli President Shimon Peres, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.