'Twas the weeks before Christmas, and all through my neighborhood, cars started driving by...to check out the lights!

Unlike the classic poem, my lines don't rhyme, but, that's what has been happening!

"FedEx Jen & Pat" and "Cornershow Bob & Ginni." (Craig Allen photo).

You might recall that "FedEx Pat" put up his annual display during Thanksgiving weekend.

And, he's done.

This is just part of Cornershow Bob's...show! (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob" started "stringing up the lights" that weekend...but, his display just keeps growing!!

The "ground grid" (a radio term) of lights...is new for 2017! (Craig Allen photo).

And, we neighbors...and YOU, through nj1015.com...get to enjoy the...spectacle!

Every way you turn...more lights! (Craig Allen photo).

While I was on vacation (visiting friends and family in the "North Woods" of Wisconsin)...

Lights...reach for the sky. (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob" kept busy...

Santa and his reindeer found their landing strip! (Craig Allen photo).

..."growing" his display!

Trees...up IN lights! (Craig Allen photo).

Just remember...no photos can TRULY reflect the AWESOME displays that these two "friendly competitors" have put up!


So...I'm standing in the rain in Cornershow's yard...thinking that I have (finally) captured the essence of it all...when...what to my wondering eyes should appear...

ANOTHER look! (Craig Allen photo).

...Is that something...new...to ME?

(Don't believe me? Feel free to compare the pictures from my November 26th article by clicking here!)

A CLOSER look! (Craig Allen photo).

I thought (and have been told emphatically) that "FedEx Pat" NEVER adds to his display once he is "done."

Santa is WAVING! (Craig Allen photo).

I guess there really are exceptions to EVERY rule...even at Christmastime!

Feel it! (Craig Allen photo).

Happy Ho-Ho-Ho!