There's one thing PerryAshley Yawhctob wants people to know about her friend, 15-year-old Nicole Angstadt — the teen found dead in a crawlspace of an abandoned Lower Township home Monday.

"I think what the family really wants people to know is they should stop making up rumors about her," Yawhctob said. "She doesn't deserve that."

Angstadt's death remains a mystery. She was last seen Nov. 29 and reported missing Dec. 1, according to authorities. Earlier this week, the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office said it found a female's body while searching for her.

Then Wednesday, the prosecutor's office said not only that the female found was Angstadt — but that her death was a homicide. Three people have been charged in the related investigation, but none in her death. Two are charged with armed robberies — though it's not immediately clear how those were connected to the investigation. A third, 32-year-old Charles E. Mosley of Rio Grande, is accused of having a sexual relationship with Angstadt.

But the prosecutor's office has held off on saying how it believes Angstadt died, how she got into the crawl space, or whether any of those charged are considered suspects in her death. The office said Thursday it wasn't releasing any further information yet, but stressed in its announcement Wednesday none of those named were charged in the homicide.

Yawhctob — a close friend of Angstadt's older sister who had known the teen since she was born — said she doesn't like the rumors and speculation that have filled the void of information.

Lower Township Police initially described Angstadt as a "runaway" when they put out a community alert about her disappearance. Yawhctob said that's not the case, and said Angstadt hadn't gone missing before.

"The police didn't do anything about it for a week," Yawhctob said, adding that Angstadt's older sister had to confront authorities with threats of going to media before they took action.

Cape May County Prosecutor Robert Taylor, reached by New Jersey 101.5 Thursday, disputed the assertion police didn't pursue the case.

"I can’t tell you all the things that were done. Originally the case was a missing person’s case, but she was looked for continuously," he said.

"Imagine having a daughter and people saying she's a runaway, and then finding out she actually wasn't a runaway, she was murdered," Yawhctob said.

Yawhctob said she was offended by comments she'd seen online about the alleged relationship between Angstadt and Mosley.

"She was a 15 year old little girl. Why is anyone asking what she wants with a 32-year-old? How about this: What does a 32-year-old man want with a little girl?" Yawhctob said. "It's very hurtful for the family. Regardless of what anyone hears or thinks or says about them, they still lost their 15-year-old girl."

Yawhctob described her friend as caring and generous, willing to help others out and to offer advice.

"She  was very outgoing. She didn't care who you were," Yawhctob said. "She didn't judge you."

Neither of Angstadt's parents can afford funeral expenses, she said. Angstadt's older sister and Yawhctob have started a GoFundMe account to cover costs. As of Thursday afternoon, it had collected more than $1,300 from 16 people.

Donations can also be made directly to the Evoy Funeral Home.

"Basically, right now it’s about laying her to rest — peacefully, not like the way she was found," Yawhctob said.

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