A freon leak at the Hughes Justice Complex in Tremton has been contained but unacceptable air quality levels have closed the building for the day on Wednesday.

"All the court arguments that were scheduled for today will have to be rescheduled," Tammy Kendig, communications manager for the New Jersey Judiciary tells New Jersey 101.5. "The clerk's offices are all closed so they are not accepting files."

Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex (Office of the Attorney General)

"The building was evacuated, and fresh air is being brought into the building via the HVAC system," said Kendig. All employees have been send home and "no one will be allowed in the building until cleared to do so by the Trenton Fire Department, the Department of Environmental Protection, and associated hazmat teams."

The New Jersey Supreme Court, the public defenders office, tax court, all the clerks offices and some agencies of the Office of the Attorney General in the Department of Law and Public Safety are also housed in the Justice Complex.

Kendig says a decision about Thursday will not be made until later on Wednesday afternoon.