A Twitter rumor regarding a student and alleged affair with a teacher that never existed has that student in hot water. Reid Sagehorn was suspended after allegedly responding to an anonymous Tweet about a supposed kiss with a gym teacher by saying "actually yes." Sagehorn said that the tweet was meant as a joke.

Sagehorn has been suspended over the sexually-charged tweets until late April. Sagehorn was captain of the football and basketball teams and a good student.

Authorities have said the anonymous postings detailed sex acts between the two. Police have since determined there was absolutely no wrongdoings by the teacher and she has been cleared as there was no relationship between she and Sagehorn.

An online petition has been started to reinstate Reid Sagehorn. The petition has over 3,000 signatures and and has also led to an outpouring of support for Reid on Twitter under the hastag "#freereid."

Do you think Reid Sagehorn should be brought back? Or should he fulfill the terms of the suspension?

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