Art Linkletter (you may not know who he is) was an afternoon TV host back in the day.

He used to have a segment on his show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things!” in which he’d asked them questions and they’d come out with all sorts of answers. Answers that would make many in the audience blush and elicit “guffaws” from the audience.

Again, realizing these are kids and have no filter.

So when a curious 4 year old asks a woman in a donut shop if she has a baby in her belly – how do you think the donut shop reacts?

By laughing it off and chalking it up to a kid’s natural curiosity?

Nah, they embarrass the kid and his mother by banning him from the store.


"My response was 'Oh my goodness, I'm so embarrassed, I'm so sorry'," said the boy's mother, Rebecca Denham.

The woman accepted the apology, telling Denham it was "no problem," but the donut store's management was not so quick to forgive--as evidenced Tuesday morning, when Denham was allegedly told that she was allowed in the store, but her four-year-old son wasn't.

"She said, 'he's not allowed in here,' and I looked around, and said, 'him?' and she said 'yeah, he's rude'," Denham said, adding that she was also "screamed at."

So does little Justin understand what's going on? "Sort of," said Denham, who is chalking the whole thing up as a learning experience and planning to take their business elsewhere.

Funny how the kid’s mother and the woman in question reacted as you would have expected mature adults to react. (Apparently if the woman is in a donut shop and looks the part, wouldn't it be natural for a kid to ask whether or not she's got a "baby in her belly?")

This is all part of a kid’s natural curiosity.

But apparently the operators of the donut shop either don’t have kids, or don’t have any common sense.
Was the donut shop right in banning the 4 year old for asking a customer if she was pregnant?