Whenever I come across stories of young female teachers having had sex with their teenaged male students, the thought, “where were these teachers when I was a kid," automatically crosses my mind!

Then again, I was taught by nuns, so the thought is totally wiped out of my mind and replaced with a feeling of disgust!

However, a fair number of men think as I do.

That is to say, “…God, what a lucky kid that 15 year old is, blah blah, blah!”

But is he really lucky? Because the fact is, a crime has been committed, and no matter how you look at it, he’s a victim of a sexual assault.

I bring this up in light of the sentence handed down in the case of the 32 year old Beechwood Spanish Teacher who was sentenced to 6 years in jail for having carried on a sexual relationship with one of her 15 year old male students.

Is Erin T. Haskell’s sentence for having sex with one of her students enough?

A judge sentenced Erin T. Haskell, a former Toms River Regional School District teacher, to six years in prison after she plead guilty to having a sexual relationship with an underage student, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato announced Monday.

Haskell, 32, of Barnegat will be subject to parole supervision for life and listed as a registered sex offender in addition to her jail sentence, Coronato said in a news release. Haskell also is prohibited from contacting her victim under New Jersey’s Nicole’s Law, he said.

Haskell worked as a Spanish teacher for fifth- through eighth-graders at Toms River Intermediate South in Beachwood before she was arrested in November 2012, and accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy. She earned an annual salary of $52,800 before her arrest, according to state pension records.

She plead guilty to second-degree sexual assault in August 2013.

Haskell, who was free on $300,000 bail, is now in prison and has begun serving her sentence, Coronato said.

In return for her guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to dismiss other charges Haskell faced, including aggravated sexual assault.

Authorities have said the relationship took place last year, between June and September. The sexual activities occurred in both Beachwood and Barnegat.

So instead of facing a trial, and possibly having to put her victim on the stand to testify, the state is content with her copping a plea and sentencing her to 6 years in jail along with whatever else goes along with being labeled a sex offender.

Do you feel her sentence is adequate or should it be longer?

In my eyes, adequate. She copped a plea, her victim is spared having to testify; and she’ll be subjected to lifetime supervision.

Do you not think so?

Is 6 years an adequate sentence for the Toms River teacher who had sex with a 15 year old male student?