Officials say Egypt's Hosni Mubarak is being kept alive by life support after the 84-year-old ousted leader suffered a stroke in prison Tuesday.

A security official says Mubarak's heart stopped as he arrived at a military hospital from prison.

The state news agency MENA said the 84-year-old Mubarak was "clinically dead" when he arrived. It said doctors used a defibrillator on him several times. MENA initially said the efforts were not successful.

A member of the ruling military council, tells the Al-Shorouk newspaper website that Mubarak is in a "very critical condition," but denies he's dead. Another security official says Mubarak's wife came to the hospital, where Mubarak is in an intensive care unit.

Mubarak has been serving a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of protesters during the 18-day uprising against his rule last year.

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